Reaching ALL of your goals

I haven’t posted in a couple weeks because I’ve been very busy with homework, so I wanted to post this week about reaching all of your goals, and not just a few. I set a goal to start posting weekly, but I also set many other goals when the school year started, and even more before that, so once my homework load got larger, posting took the backseat, but I still do want this to be a priority. SO, here is my advice for (1) remembering to take the necessary actions to achieve all of your goals and (2) making sure that you are prioritizing the right things on the right days; get a planner! This can come in many different forms depending on what your preferences are, but the point of a planner is to write down everything that you need to do and perhaps even designate certain days for different things to make sure that you don’t feel overwhelmed to do everything all in one day. For me, I use a planner that I got at the dollar store, which is set up so I can see what I need to do everyday for the entire month. I know that there are also planners that display one week, a few days, or even one day at a time. In addition to this, I have small whiteboards which I also got at the dollar store, and as I have temporary things that I need to do I write them down. Usually I use the whiteboards for writing a to-do list for the same day, like writing down which classes I have homework in as the day goes on.

By creating a planner and writing down  what I need to do on what day, I am much more likely to reach ALL of my goals. Even if you just write a to-do list on a sticky note, that works just as great, because the point is that you should aim to write down all of your goals. Plus, it is very satisfying to be able to check off things as you do them!

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